--by Kris McClenthen

The sky was blue; the sun shown down

Where two mighty towers stood their ground.

Suddenly, a plane veered into tower number one.

Amazement, horror, fear—the crisis had just begun!

Shortly after another plane struck tower number two.

Panic, fear, and helplessness grew as people were paralyzed as what to do.

Brave firemen, police, and other rescuers rushed in—

Many never to be seen or heard from again.

Americans looked in awe at the site where two towers once stood so proud and tall.

All watched in disbelief as not one, but two mighty towers did fall.

A third plane had a fatal crash

Into the Pentagon—sections reduced to ash.

A fourth plane missed its targeted site.

All were lost on that fateful flight.

It seemed like a movie—could this really be true?

How could this happen in the land of the red, white, and blue?


Americans all over rushed to lend a hand

With donations, blood, and support throughout the land.

Thousands gathered still in shock and disbelief

To share their prayers and share their grief.

With every American that passes by

You can see a tear in the corner their eye.

Who would have known that the eleventh of September

Would be a day that we would always remember?

A day when terror struck in the American sky

Causing thousands of innocent people to die.

Images of this tragedy are engraved on our minds--that will never part,

Just like the feelings of those lives lost will live on in our hearts.

As long as at least one flag does wave—

We are the land of the free, the home of the brave!

The American spirit soars high like the eagle, forever and a day!

In God we trust; united we stand—

God bless the USA!

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