Our Trip in Verse

It was the night before our trip--all our bags were packed.

Rick said if we won the Australian lotto we wouldn't be back.

The next morning, things were abuzz as we found two bees' nests.

Rick packed the car amidst calls to eliminate the pests.


At last we were on our way with visions of kangaroos bouncing in our heads.

Suddenly, Rick looked around, "You have the tickets." he calmly said.

"In the carry ons," I told him looking to the back seat floor.

"Where are they?" with frustration he asked once more.

"In the carry ons," I started to shout.

"Where are the carry ons?" he asked as we looked about.

We raced back home and raised the garage door.

It revealed our carry ons on the garage floor.


With Rick as my radar detector, I stepped on the gas.

Finally ready for our 22 hour flight--I hoped we'd last.

First we went to Cairns and saw the cultural center of the Tjapukai (Ja poo ky).

Where the natives greeted us all by saying, "G'd'y!"


I learned how to throw a spear and pass the boomerang test

So well mine circled around and hit a man in the chest.

Off to the Great Barrier Reef where we enjoyed a spectacular view.

From a semi-submersible sub we saw coral and many fish, too.


In Melbourne, we shopped and took in a city tour.

We saw judges with wigs, Fitzroy Gardens, and gothic architecture.

On a working tram car we had an elegant dinner.

Then saw a play at the Victoria Arts Center.

In Sydney, at Bondi Beach--the nude beach, Rick poised his camcorder to record.

To his disappointment, there were no nudes--only kite flyers and those on surfboards.

We toured the opera house and cruised Sydney Harbor at twilight.

We saw the Blue Mountains and the future Olympic site.


At the wildlife park we saw koalas and fed kangaroos.

They were cute critters and tasty ones, too.

Off to New Zealand--another three hour flight.

We got detained by customs for other people's luggage who weren't in sight.


In Christchurch, we went punting on the Avon 'neath cherry blossoms abloom.

We visited Mona Vale Gardens and the Antarctic Center with the frozen snow room.

A New Zealand family invited us to their home for a traditional dinner.

At the casino, I turned $4 into $50--I was a winner.


We took a helicopter ride to view Mt. Cook.

We landed on a snow-capped mountain for a better look.

In Queenstown, the highlight was a fast jet boat ride.

We saw bungy jumpers, a sheep farm, and took a sky ride.


We saw the Chasm and waterfalls as we cruised thru Milford Sound.

We took a boat ride thru the Te Anu-Au Caves where glow worms abound.

In Rotorua, we saw mud pools, geysers, and the Maori dance.

At the Agrodome, we watched a sheep shearing performance.


We saw the penguins at Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World in Auckland.

We saw Mount Eden's crater, One Tree Hill, and Rangatoto Island.

Then it was time to bid good-bye to all our newly made friends.

After another 20 hour flight, it was time for our adventure to end.


As the Kiwi's and Aussie's would say,

Thank you very much and good day.